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Who is this woman? | Youthen


She is arriving into present time. This is the Gift of her deep inner work.

She has been healing her pain, her past, embracing her shadows, claiming her body as her Temple, releasing her shame, she has cleared out the cobwebs and has faced her fears, walking out of dishonoring spaces, she is honest and claiming herself completely, she is highly sexual, smart, beautiful, subtle and shameless, she holds a deep belief of her true self and others.

She’s a warrior, a hippie, a free spirit, carefree, creative, a positive force, gentle, she is love, peace and happiness. She stands steady, anchored inside herself. She has let go her history. Her cellular memories are cleaned out, and she’s no longer trapped in the past. As she connects to her divine longing and her passion, she deepens in her surrender and the freedom to be herself and claims her self awareness.

Her future is exciting. She’s becoming relaxed about where her life is heading and where she is now. She’s free and uncluttered, clean, minimal and she is a traveling Light which shines outward from within herself. Her energy is no longer sucked into the past, or running blindly into the future, she is aware, she is now, she is current, she is free…

She feels powerful and abundant. She’s fully present. She’s amazed at how relaxed and alert she can be at the same time. She could be you, she is me, she is free, open, natural, earthy, sexual, passionate, relaxed, cheeky, beautiful and loving.

Always learning and adding to her knowledge, she is in tune with life, the planet and Heaven, and she is sensitive and at one with God. She is today, she is yesterday, she is all time come together – she is timeless, limitless and true feminine force, unstoppable and true. She is love and all it has to offer and in return gives it back endlessly – she is, this is, I AM.  (written by Honey Child)

We have arrived dear sisters, to the promised land, we see our reflection and smile.

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