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Cerra Water Pitcher | Youthen

Cerra Water Pitcher


Out-performs or compares to all the electric (and expensive) machines out there! Convenient for home, office or traveling. Just pour in tap or bottled water and get alkaline, antioxidant water that is 3- 6 times more absorbable and detoxifies your body. New technology uses natural Cerra-Ceramics to transform the water the way natures does it.





The Cerra Pitcher includes;

  • One Cerra Pitcher
  • One Cerra Water replacement cartridges
  • One bottle of pH testing drops.


The Cerra Pitcher filters and ionizes your tap or bottled water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant properties and healing frequencies.
Filtration through the Cerra Anti-Oxidant cartridge changes the water that passes through it 6 different ways by:

  1. Increasing the pH of the filtered water between 8.5 and 9.5 by adding beneficial alkaline ionic minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium in the correct ratio & balance.
  2. Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -150 mV and -500 mV thus creating anti-oxidant effect.
  3. Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body
  4. Restructuring the shape of the water cluster into an organized hexagonal matrix. This is a more natural shape which the body can utilize for all metabolic functions..
  5. Filtering the impurities. The Cerra cartridge reduces heavy metals, such as lead and copper in addition to chlorine and dissolved organics such as pesticides.
  6. Energizing the water thru Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology(BFIT) which infuses thousands of healing frequencies into the water.

Technical Specifications

The pitcher has a capacity of 1.8 liters of filtered water with a 3.3 liter total capacity, suitable to fit most refrigerator doors. The water filter improves the quality of tap water and provides clear, clean water to be used for tea, coffee, cooking and for drinking water.

Each alkaline anti-oxidant filter cartridge will last for approx 2-6 months (80- 200 gallons of water) before requiring replacement depending upon source water.

The Cerra cartridges functions very differently from standard filters although it looks very similar to the standard carbon filter.

If you filter tap water through an ordinary jug filter the water will be more acidic by1-2 points on the pH scale as they are designed to filter out dissolved contaminants and remove mineral hardness.. When you filter the water through the Cerra alkaline anti-oxidant cartridge rich anti-oxidant, alkaline water is created.

The patented Cerra cartridge has the prestigious International NSF for safety This is the leading international approval certification for product safety. This also includes ANIS- a certification Program Accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the Certification Program Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

The Cerra Pitcher and cartridge is manufactured in Europe so has many German, European certifications for safety, quality and performance.

The plastic pitcher is BPA/BPS free with Food Safe Certification and German testing to prove there is no leaching.

Drinking alkaline anti-oxidant water is the simplest thing that everyone can do to improve their health. Now with the Cerra Water Pitcher it is possible for everyone to have the convenience and health benefits of alkaline, anti-oxidant energized water. The Cerra Water pitcher is now the most cost effective way for people to enjoy the benefits of drinking the healthiest water in the world.


Activating Your Filter:

Our filters are jam-packed with our Cerra minerals and crystals, so please follow these instructions:
Soak your filter on its side in regular tap water and insure that it is completely submerged to release any air bubbles, making sure it is held down under water.
Do this for over an hour when you are initially activating it.  The Cerra filter must be completely saturated with water to work properly.

The water is running too slowly thru the filter.

There are a number of reasons for the water running too slowly that can be easily fixed using their various methods:

  1. Soak filter for another 1-2 hours and then shake it.  Shaking the filter and tapping it against counter redistributes the Cerra crystal and mineral beads. Water tends to channel, so redistributing/shaking insures that the water is touching fresh Cerra beads.
  2. Submerge the filter under water; you can use the pitcher reservoir to hold it under to release all the air bubbles in the filter. Once the filter stays settled at the bottom and does not float anymore it is ready to use.
  3. Hold the filter under a cold water tap, running water thru from top to bottom for over a minute.
  4. The bottom of the filter contains a very fine mesh.  You can poke holes in the bottom of it to make the mesh holes a bit bigger.   This can be done with a   paper clip or a pin.
  5. Do not leave the pitcher in the sunlight.  This can slow down the flow of the water.  Also, sunlight can destroy the anti-oxidants in the water.

Note:  this filter was designed for a slower flow of water – the longer the water is in contact with the Cerra beads the stronger the anti-oxidant, micro- clustering and pH are.  Always keep the level of the water touching the filter or above to increase/maintain the anti-oxidant levels and pH levels.

Summary of other Alkaline Pitchers and the Cerra Pitcher

When looking at lower priced alkaline pitchers in stores or online with prices from $49-$59 they may seem like a good deal but when you look at what they actually do and what you actually get their value looks unattractive. The alkaline water they make is usually a lower alkalinity level that is only achieved by only adding calcium in very high levels that is not necessarily beneficial in such high amounts. Some initially give a slight anti-oxidant value when first tested but this goes away after a few uses. The Cerra Pitcher adds a full range of essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, and calcium all in healthy levels along with anti-oxidants that will last for the life span of the cartridge of 2-3 month.

Made in China compared to Europe

The other alkaline pitchers are primarily made in China which is why they are so cheap. This cost savings comes at the cost of non food safe plastic which can leach chemicals into your water and filter media which can contain other toxic elements. The other alkaline pitchers contain no official independent safety testing because they would not meet the standards. Even though these alkaline pitchers are found in health food stores it does not mean they are safe, any product from China frequently has product recalls due to being unsafe.
The Cerra Pitcher is made in Europe and only made of the quality materials including plastic from Germany and CerraCeramics from South Korea. It has passed NSF safety regulations and is made of BPA free food safe plastic which has been tested in Europe.

Value included in bundle

Looking at the cost of $59 compared to the Cerra Pitchers cost of $139 it may seem like a large price difference but for $59 only one cartridges is including lasting 1-2 months. In the Cerra Pitcher bundle you receive two cartridges lasting 6 months, one Cerragizer lasting 1 month and a bottle of pH drops which you can use to test to see if the water is alkaline. With Cerra you initially receive 7 months of alkaline water for $139 compared to 2 months of alkaline water for $59. Along with getting a better quality product when purchasing a Cerra Pitcher you actually receive more alkaline water!

Safety Certifications


Here are the facts and list of certifications for our Cerra Water Anti-Oxidant Water Filter.

  1. SAFETY:
  2. Plastic Pitcher is 100% BPA Free. Pitcher is labelled on the bottom with food safe symbol (cup/fork) and plastic is labelled as SAN (styrene acrylonitrile, type 7 plastic).
  3. LGA Pitcher Testing:: Testing is according to “German Code of Foodstuffs Commodities and Feeding Stuffs”, Water Filter Pitchers Chemical Testing, passing tests allowed pitcher to have food safe symbol (cup/fork) label on bottom of pitcher.
  4. LGA: Water filter Cartridge tested according to German Food Regulations, Scope of testing included total migration of plastic, release of heavy metals, sensoric test and microbiological test. Cartridge passed the testing.
  5. Independent Laboratory Testing per US FDA 21 CFR109 procedure(Unavoidable Contaminants in Food for Human Consumptions and Food – Packaging Material, Antioxidant Alkaline Water passed test and showed heavy metals not detected and conclusion was that food/water is safe.
  6. Independent Laboratory Testing per US FDA CFR 740.10 procedure of Antioxidant Alkaline Water for Organochlorine Pesticides, passed tests.
  7. Antibacterial Ball is part of filter media: Approved by FDA. Controls bacterial growth.
  8. CE certification indicates product meeting EU consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.
  9. TUVRheinland Organization provided authorized testing per LGA requirements.
  10. Manufacturing Facility with the following features:
  11. Includes research laboratory with 12 laboratory scientists and research technicians to control quality of raw materials and final products
  12. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  13. CE certified that products have met EU consumers safety, health or environmental requirements
  14. TUV safety certificate – product safety
  15. European Medal award given to products that have met European Standards.
  16. In summary the manufacturer in Europe meets the highest safety and quality manufacturing process for Europe and Internationally.
  17. NSF /ANSI Standard 42 material safety certification bioceramic ball (Biocera BMW). Performed by NSF authorized testing at source of manufacture and certification maintained yearly with NSF. The SCC (Standards Council of Canada) recognize/authorize NSF/ANSI testing as acceptable for Canada.

     safety-tested-logo Cerra Plastic Pitcher – The Safest in the World



The Cerra Pitcher is made from the safest plastic and has German (LGA) certification and Food Safe Certification to prove it. (pic of LGA and Food Safe certification)

The Cerra Pitcher is made from SANS which has no polycarbonates (which can leach dangerous chemicals.) It falls under the good #7 plastics for food safety.  SAN is higher quality plastic with increased strength, rigidity, toughness and temperature and chemical resistance.  It is used in mixing bowls, thermos casing, dishes, cutlery, coffee filters, toothbrushes, outer covers (printers, calculators, lamps), battery housing. It is the closest material we could get to glass and that is why it can crack if dropped.

Some manufacturers seeking to save money have switched from BPS to BPS. BPS is a BPA analogue with the same bisphenol chemical class-which may be every bit as toxic. This allows companies to claim that they are now “BPA-free,” and technically, they are but they still contain bisphenol!

Our Cerra plastic pitchers are also BPS free as they don’t contain any polycarbonates. Our German LGA certification guarantees there is no leaching. We prefer this German certification that confirms there is no leaching rather than just counting on the plastic type category number.

Food Storage Symbols for Plastics:
To insure the container of food and beverage packaging is safe it should be labelled with;  the standard symbols issued by authority’s/institutions, such as the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), SPI (Society of Plastic Industry).
Symbol ‘Food Grade’ a glass and fork symbols indicating that the container is safe to use for food and beverages.  Look for the cup and fork symbol on the bottom of the pitcher.


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