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Bio Disk | Youthen

Bio Disk


  •  Improve the flavour of your cooked food
  • Increases the alkalinity of your tea and foods
  • Raises the anti-oxident level of your liquids
  • Helps keep refrigerated food fresh
  • Enhances energy and moods
  • Creates a fresh environment
  • Also known as the “chackra stone” for it’s incredible balancing qualities.

The Cerra Stone has been shown through laboratory testing that it increases the pH of water by up to 2 points.
It also increases the antioxidant capabilities of water by up to 200 points on an antioxidant meter.


The newest bio ceramic technological breakthrough is the Cerra Stone. This bio ceramic disc is designed to improve the flavour of your cooked food by enhancing the antioxidant and alkaline qualities of liquids. The Cerra Stone emits a powerful negative ion stream and also emits far infrared energy. It has shown through laboratory testing that it increases the pH of water by up to 2 points. It also increases the antioxidant capabilities of water by up to 200 points on an antioxidant meter. It is well-known that boiling antioxidant alkaline water will normally destroy its health giving properties. The Cerra Stone can help to maintain those qualities and even increase them the longer the water is heated.

This Cerra Stone has numerous uses. Not only does it improve the flavour and health giving properties of food, it also helps keep refrigerated food fresh and speeds up the thawing time for frozen food. The far infrared energy and the negative ions stream are both responsible for these amazing effects.

Imparting positive energy qualities to food is not a new thing. Studies have shown that people who bless their food before eating it tend to have higher levels of health. There is more to saying grace than just words. In many civilizations certain stones are used in preparing cooked dishes as they are known to improve the flavour, energy and taste of the food. Every farmhouse in North America once had a favourite cooking stone. This Cerra Stone is the modern age soup stone.

The remarkable thing about this Cerra Stone is that virtually everybody holds the stone in their hands can feel the energy emitting from the stone. Even those who claim not to be able to feel energy can frequently feel the Cerra Stone’s power. There is a definite improvement in flavour with dishes prepared using Cerra Stone. In taste tests with identical dishes prepared with and without the Cerra Stone, people inevitably pick the dish prepared with the Cerra stone. Once you start using this Cerra Stone you won’t want to cook without it.

Boiling water for hot beverages is an excellent use of the Cerra Stone. Increasing the antioxidant and alkaline qualities of water can only make hot beverages more healthful. Boiling water normally increases the acid content and decreases its antioxidant capabilities. Many hot beverages such as coffee are acidic by nature, and alkalizing them using water prepared with this Cerra Stone helps to counteract this unhealthy tendency.

Keeping this Cerra Stone in the produce drawer of your refrigerator will mean less food spoilage and this will definitely save money.

You can also save time thawing frozen food by putting the food in cold water with this Cerra Stone. This dynamic new innovation should be in everybody’s home and in daily use.


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