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Prosperity! Remembering the Divine Principle 

The emerging consciousness for our new era has been called by many names. These include such labels as, the new root race, divine-humans, avatar blueprint, 5th dimension, I AM race, Christ Consciousness and so forth.
These terms all refer to an evolved human nature that has transitioned into a unified consciousness living as one heart-mind through group coherence. This is the natural course of evolution; from the divisive human personality into an interconnected unit of stability.
The one single characteristic of this new consciousness that drastically differs from the current human matrix is that it lives and abides unswervingly with Divine Principle. These are the immutable Universal Laws that are the foundation stones upon which our new world is being built.
It is in Divine Principle, along with the understanding of how energy truly flows, that awakens the code of prosperity within us. This is the fundamental solution to permanently shifting a discouraging financial situation into one of a boundless reality. 

The purpose of this next focus is to help you remember some of the main principles to realizing the prosperous Self, your true abiding nature.

The Emerging Race: A Prodigy of Principle

There is an infinite supply of abundance available for all. The experience of lack is merely an illusion, which comes from the pull of matter and our attachment to the material world.

The condition that staunchly frames the appearance of lack is ‘self-reference’ and giving our power to external influences as the controlling factor of our source of supply. This creates instant blindness to the wellspring of abundance that exists at all times for every person, as a human birthright.

The transfiguration of our body as a consciously operating Group Soul is the capstone of our concerted efforts on the path of spiritual awakening and all of its initiations. It has always been and always will be about the greater whole. If we are to gain entrance into expanded states of consciousness, evolutionary law propels this as a required group endeavor.  

We make full passage into this unified state when we have mastered our human personality and its separating tendencies, especially from the emotional and mental bodies. It is then that we can live life from the perspective and consciousness of Divine Principle.
To ‘prosper’ is to be operating from “divine personality” and when we have established a direct connection with our Source.   


The Principle of the Greater Will

Behind all of universal creation is an immanent force of Will which administers it, an invincible power that moves it and a natural law that regulates it. This driving force holds the planet and all upon it in one coherent manifesting whole. It works out the evolutionary plan. 

As we come to recognize Divine Will as the guiding principle of our entire existence, we graciously surrender all attachment to the limited workings of personality’s will. We humbly realize that of our own selves we can do nothing, it is the Divine Presence within that does the work 

This synthesis with the greater Will gives us incredible ability to magnetize and to accomplish as one with the pure, illuminating Presence of all life. 

The Principle of Divine Immanence 

To experience true spiritual wealth, we live first and foremost in the perfect freedom of Divine Immanence. From this state of liberation, we are vibrating beyond the boundaries of limitation, relinquished of any emotional attachments to materialistic things.
When we know the self and the Divine Presence to be as one, all of our great works are accomplished instantly. To know oneself at the deepest level is to simultaneously know and experience the Presence manifesting in our life. This is then the pure mirror of our thought energy.  

It is from this state of ‘knowing’, that every question is answered and every thought that we think produces a vibration that coheres our energy. This includes all manifesting supply and abundant co-creations in service to the evolutionary plan.


The Principle of Supply     

The one great principle of life that expresses; we are always taken care of and provided for, is so simple and profound that it is one of the most challenging truths to embrace.

To experience lack is to be without the direct experience of the guiding Presence, the energy that is the generator of all supply. This is the root of all lack and it reflects outwardly as financial limitation and all of the other lacks that plague the human existence.  

It is to know without any doubt that our inner Presence is the originating source of supply. We consciously live this eternal unity, having complete and unwavering reliance upon this influence and nothing else.  

In doing so, we become powerful magnets, drawing to us all that is needed and required to fulfill our life purpose. Many ideas, resources and channels of abundance start to reveal all around us, oftentimes quite unexpectedly. 

May we uphold prominently in our mind the thought of Divine Presence, knowing positively that this is the one point from where all supply originates and where all supply emanates.


The Principle of Synthesis

It is often the duality within us that is in resistance to another aspect of itself, due to a mindset still perceiving from polar opposites. As the pendulum of perception swings in one direction, it always comes back to the opposite direction to balance the pole. This is the Universal Law of Duality.

We know that the source of all is the Divine Presence, or, the universality of all creation. This means that all pairs of opposites have the same foundation.

Abundance and lack are from the same source. Empty and full are from the same source. While different in frequency, they live on the same polarity spectrum, are extreme manifestations of the exact same energy and are deeply interdependent upon the other at the human level. 

True prosperity is a flourishing presence, an ever evolving and expanding nature. It is cultivated by freeing the perception from the dualistic influences of attraction and aversion.    

It is easy to do this when we focus all of our thoughts, words and actions on the highest benefit of ourselves and all concerned. Whether good, bad or indifferent, we are operating in alignment with the Universe and we begin to perceive and create from the Divine Principle.

Choose to see all experiences as purposed, meaningful and fulfilling, knowing no opposite. If we truly perceive that all is synthesized as part of an integrated whole, we do not push towards a conflicting pole; thus, no tipping of the dualistic scales.


The Principle of Selfless Service

Service is the law of life, the law of our being and the ultimate purpose for the very creation of our soul. In this serving, we do not serve through duty or moral responsibility. We serve through our sincere love for creation and the well being of all life. 

One of the most important preliminary steps into financial responsibility is to acknowledge the one guiding Divine Presence that is everywhere acting. It is from recognizing that our greater life purpose is one with this supreme intelligence that we learn how to take action from its guiding influence.

The willingness to serve, in the spirit of generosity and goodwill, keeps the life current flowing strong through us. It is when we are fulfilling the needs of others that we open the storehouse of the Great Spirit to flow through us unimpeded. 

Once we experientially understand that the omni-Present love of our being has all the intelligence, power and authority to consciously direct the flow of money and all of its channels, our task to rectify lack is well on its way.

It is an infallible truth that when one gives selflessly, all will be returned in even greater abundance. 


The Principle of Giving

Serving as an illumined instrument, we love as our Creator loves. We give and keep on giving. This sincere attitude of generosity opens the doors to a sustaining, prosperous life.

The Law of Giving is one of the main governing principles to realize an emergence of global unity and peace upon the Earth. The most significant maxim of this illumined era is: “To those who give all, all is given.”

As we express pure love in service to others, we release creation’s unlimited storehouse of supply. If we truly love, we cannot help but give. To give is to expand and thus the Law of Love is fulfilled. 

The purity of our greater love gives constantly as its inherent nature, requiring nothing back in return. With no expectation of return as a result of giving, it is impossible to avoid receiving! The energy is returned to us, amplified, through the natural fulfillment of the law.

As we come to live in greater alignment with these governing principles, all sense of lack evaporates for we humbly know that it is through the act of giving that we shall receive.     


The Principle of Equanimity     

Equanimity is our real nature. It is realized through the remembrance and understanding of the one consciousness at play in the weavings of our daily life.
From this stable composure, there is deep awareness and acceptance of what each moment is presenting. We live our life from the present moment. This frees the mind from the trappings of any conjuring reality of the past or the future. Worry, stress and anxiety drops away. We are simply the one observing.
Unattached to anything of a temporary nature, we bring all extremes to a middle ground. Neutrality becomes our way of life and the polarized perception falls away. Then, we can more easily perceive and create from the spiritual principles.
Through developed equanimity and a peaceful presence, an attractive radiance exudes from our being.
We become highly magnetic, attracting to our harmonious field what is needed to support our life and work.   

The Principle of Thought Manifestation

From the still point of our equanimity, we have the power to manifest instantly on the physical plane through thought and feeling alone.  

Throughout humanity’s history, we have been hypnotized into believing in negative conditions and their outer appearance. Striving, struggle, suffering… these all come from the old system of thought and of believing in limitation.

We have all that we need within our own inner powerful self. To think any differently is to invite into our life the experience of lack. May we absolutely refuse any and all appearances of lack in our life. Refuse to perceive it as lack! Then, you will no longer abide within it.     

Stressful conditions have absolutely no power except that which we give to them. The moment we cease feeding them our energy, they no longer have life and thus, they cease to exist altogether.  

In our refusal to accept lack or any form of negativity in our life, we witness our departure from the paradigm of limitation.

Shift the Thought to a Different Perception

It is through our increasing capacity as “thinkers” that enables us to enter into the super conscious mind housed within our being. To do this is to declare and authentically live our eternal unity with the Divine Presence. The physical body and everything else in our life comes into alignment as soon as we self-realize and embody this fundamental unity.
From this state of resonance, we open into the innate understanding that we already have all that we need within our own powerful being. It has only been through our own separated imaginings that we have experienced reflections of lack in our life.
It may simply be a matter of transitioning our thinking to engage a more dominant thought structure as one with Divine Mind in order to reach our highest potential to where “thought” can aspire.
If we command and see only truth, then only the truth can manifest.
When we recognize perfection, we are that perfection. There is no other recognition than that.

See only what you want to manifest. Refuse to see anything else. 

* We are made of Divine Essence.

* We are one with Divine Mind.

 * We are Divinity through the form.

The moment that you realize everything already exists for you, the condition manifests at that very instant.All is accomplished as soon as the thought arises.

Once you realize this, you master the illusion of limitation.  

In Closing…

 The Prosperity Plan sets into momentum our transition to living life through Divine Principle with greater ability to co-create from higher dimensional templates. This transition requires keen understanding of timeless perception coupled with daily practice of using a new system of thought.   

All events in our precisely adjusted universe are lawfully explicable and manifested. The so-called miraculous powers of an enlightened human being, for example, are a natural outplay of the subtle universal principles that operate in the expanded realms of consciousness. Understanding this, we realize that nothing can be really considered as a miracle.

Upon us now is the emergence of a cultural creativity of such wondrous dimensions that the whole world will stand amazed. Our new creations are already recognizing the Universal Laws that govern the abstract and subjective realms of life, successfully combining science with spirituality.

As an evolving humanity, we will eventually come to recognize the lawful omniscience of the Divine Presence within and this same Principle inherent in all others.      

May your life be abundantly blessed.


Shared with gratitude from © Children of the Sun Foundation.

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