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Stress - The BIG one! | Youthen

If you are being chased by a tiger, RUN!

In our caveman days, we had to survive by being able to adapt and respond to our environment and the potential threats within it. We would run from a potential threat, or be eaten by it, life was fairly basic, fight or flight. If we survived, our system would return back to a balanced state until we dealt with the next threat, which may or may not present itself.

Unfortunately, we live in a much different world now, we are continuously being bombarded by “perceived threats” to our survival and consistently live in a stressed state. The dreaded phone call, the overdue bills, the toxic relationships, health issues, and on and on. We, as a society spend enormous amounts of time and money to help solve these problems, all “outer fixes”; doctors, pills, potions, lotions, vitamins, exercise, courses … you name it, we are on the hunt for this tiger, to finally slay it and have the peace we desperately seek.

Stress has become the #1 killer




There IS a solution!

Let me help you free yourself from the blocks that keep you stuck, depressed, ill or in lack. It’s easy, and you have nothing to lose … except the stress that’s killing every part of your body and life.

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